Bulletproof – Work in Progress BGG Thread

Here is a piece of art that came in today for the Assassin card. Came out really great!

The character is the Assassin in the game. Playing this card takes away that player’s special abilities. It is a very rare card (only two in the deck of ~130) and highest value card. I’m going to be writing more bio’s on the different characters in the game as I continue development.

Bulletproof – Work in Progress BGG Thread

I started designing a card game in January and recently I’ve had the opportunity to dedicate much more time and resources to development. My ultimate goal is the self publish my game via Kickstarter in September. I’ll be using this thread to track my design process and post various updates as i receive them from the artist that I am working with.

Game Overview

The game is called Bulletproof, a quick-playing game for 2-5 players where characters with secret weapons compete to build their own criminal empires.

The main mechanics of the game are set collection, hand management and special player abilities.

The development so far has been heavily influenced by Monopoly Deal, Archaeology the card game, Pandemic, Santorini and Grand Theft Auto video games (theme).

My wife and I played a lot of Archaeology the card game and Monopoly Deal one winter weekend and they were definitely an inspiration for the development of Bulletproof. We like the set collection mechanic and the light strategy associated with using different action cards at different times.

With Pandemic and Santorini I love how each of the characters has special abilities because of how much the replayability of the game increases. Each game is different and highly variable.

Finally, I always enjoyed the silly humor and crime theme of the Grand Theft Auto games and feel that it would be a great theme for a light weight card game. My game won’t take place in that world but I will try to emulate the light hearted crime humor that the game always produced.

Current Status

Artwork: 50%
Graphic design: 10%
Rules: Currently Version 4.1

I’m excited to bring this game to life and I hope you all enjoy this ride with me. I’ll try to post once or twice a week during development