Bulletproof Launching 9AM Tomorrow Morning!

Hey Everyone!!! Tomorrow is a huge day for Double Eagles Games. We’ll be launching our game Bulletproof in the morning on Kickstarter.

Here is a preview link to the game so you can check it out ahead of time: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1607767264/1767156402…

We’re looking forward to having a really fun campaign so we hope to see you all over on Kickstarter!

We’ll also be announcing the winner of the Godfather Corleones Empire tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks everyone for your support, we really appreciate it!!!

Introducing …….. El Nacho

Antonio Castellanos was born in Santiago, Nuevo Leon. His father was a farmer who just scrapped by until he started growing opium plants to supplement his income. Antonio took his father legacy one step farther and turned his small grow operation into an international drug cartel.

Learn more about El Nacho on September 12th when Bulletproof launches on Kickstarter!

Introducing …… Leah Black!

Leah is a rising star and recent recipient of a Golden Strawberry. She won the prestigious Golden Strawberry as the supporting actress in ‘Cthulhu vs Kraken 2’ where she starred alongside her new boyfriend, 75 Cents. It certainly looks like she has moved past her criminal past as a master counterfeiter!

Bulletproof is less than a week away! Be sure to check out our campaign which launches at 9AM ET on September 12th!

Introducing ……… Ed Lawton!

Ed works in the 20th precinct in South Boston in the narcotics division, yes, he’s a Narc. Ed grew up in the neighborhood and when his father died he grew close to Dean O’Donnell, boss of the O’Donnell gang. No one at the precinct knows about his past but all the locals know where his true alliances lie.
Check out Bulletproof on September 12th on Kickstarter!

Introducing ……. Ice Pick Louie!

Louie Caruso is a throwback to older times. He killed a suspected rat with an ice pick, who still owns an ice pick nowadays? Louie works for the Bonetti crime family and is responsible for running North Jersey from his base in Jersey City.


We also wanted to share with you this video of upcoming Kickstarters where Bulletproof is featured (08:18).

Introducing ……. 75 Cents

Marcus King AKA “75 Cents” grew up on the streets of Philadelphia … or at least that is what his manager wrote inside the cover for his first album. In reality King grew up in Blue Bell, PA and went to Temple University for 3 semesters before he really became famous for his stunts on Youtube. Nowadays he spends most of his time promoting his album and hanging out with his girlfriend, Leah Black.

Learn more about 75 Cents on September 12th when Bulletproof launches on Kickstarter!

Bulletproof Trailer

Hello fans of Bulletproof!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve finalized our Kickstarter trailer! Without further ado, here it is…